Keizo Hayashi Choshi-art BLOG

What is Choshi art?

Those who looked at his work for the first time are surprised at the depth of the paper.

Some artworks are over 4kg weight.
That because of paper.
Anyone knows that dozen of piled up paper is becoming thick, eventhough one sheet is very thin.

The name of “CHO-SHI”, it means carved paper.
That is the art technique which Keizo Hayashi discovered and named.
For him, the papers are great material to make his own world.


When the paper makes so many layers, there are brilliant color will be inside.
The work which carved this with the Art Knife, and the pattern was made up to apper.(sometime it will be long journey to carve if the paper with color was in deeper layer.)
His work was made with paper and the knife.
That knife, draws a sharp curve more beautiful than a pencil.

This is the “CHO-SHI”, New art that uses paper for leading part.